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People are the greatest asset within every organization. Every employee wants to be valued, have a voice and an opportunity to share what they know. The knowledge people possess is an untapped resource that provides answers to many seemingly unsolvable challenges each company faces. Given the chance, employees will share their knowledge openly and willingly uncover solutions to process improvements and even innovative new products.

Our People-Centered Solutions focus on user adoption, transitioning a culture, change management, and people empowerment. We know how to roll up our sleeves and interact with people to get them engaged and empowered to do the right things.

Lighthouse Workshop  - A constant beacon of our collective destination

Lighthouse focuses on the creating Purpose Driven Behaviors utilizing your most valuable asset — Your People.

Lighthouse focuses on the behavioral aspects of an organization and the evolution of a culture relative to the changes needed to drive continuous improvement. Engaging individuals within the organization to take pride, ownership, and sponsorship will propel your organization to a greater degree of success. Lighthouse provides the beacon to guide an organization along the journey of shifting culture.


3P Partner’s workshop “Lighthouse – Creating Purpose Driven Behaviors” sets the stage for creating a different environment from the “past ways” by developing a people-centered culture that is fundamentally built on purpose driven behaviors. Lighthouse’s principles and the idea of supporting people, building relationships, empowerment and engagement are the building blocks of tomorrows new culture for the organization. Lighthouse is a prerequisite for creating teams within the organization because it gives rise to a winning attitude of success. Lighthouse’s teachings will help shape the behaviors, which create the right results, and an organization’s commitment toward teamwork.

T.E.A.M Workshop -Teaching Emotion Attitude and Motivation

Teams working in concert with one another are rapidly becoming the preferred practice for many organizations. To survive in a globally competitive environment, many organizations are becoming flatter and decision making is being done at the lowest level. Becoming lean while staying competitive is the essential element in a continuous improvement culture and teamwork is a key component.

Developing the individual while promoting the teamwork environment is important for success, whether teams are cross-functional or within the same function. Leaders in organizations are often challenged with multiple tasks, global responsibilities, having all the answers and delivering results. However, the real job is to enrich an environment where people are both encouraged and liberated to take on the responsibility, through a disciplined approach, to work productively in self-managed and self-starting teams.

We at 3P Partners have a unique workshop for teaching teams to be effective and to work efficiently with each other, while developing the individual as a value added resource. Each person who is an engaged member of a team brings a certain value, belief, and ownership to the success of a team’s performance. At 3P Partners we teach the importance of dealing with human emotions, maintaining a winning attitude, and staying motivated both as teams and as individuals. Anyone responsible for implementing team dynamics in the workplace can benefit from this workshop.

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