PFMEA Seminar

In today’s market, to remain competitive, organizations must have a continuous improvement mentality. The Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is a method to assist in process improvement. Using PFMEA’s in the very beginning of the development of a process or design, can help identify and eliminate concerns, and provide insight to forming risk analysis. PFMEA should be used as an on-going documented method for design and process changes and as new information is acquired.

3P Partners provides the guidance and benefits of using PFMEA as a living document. We show why it is an essential tool for having dialogue before introducing a potential failure into a process or design. We provide a team-based approach to PFMEA and show how it acts as a catalyst for exchanging of ideas and simulation between functions.

Control Plan Seminar

A Control Plan like the FMEA is a written living document. It is created to ensure that the processes which produce products and services meet the customer’s expectations. Control Plans are very useful as a problem solving method to finding and resolving out-of-control conditions.

3P Partners has developed a workshop to provide insight and dialogue of how the Control Plan can be used in trouble shooting, improvement activities, and for the shop floor operations when doing continuous improvement activities. 3P Partners will demonstrate how the FMEA, Error Proofing, and Control Plan when used collectively, can improve the overall product quality in any industry.

Workplace Orgnaization 5S Workshop

Workplace Organization - 5S (WPO) is critical to creating an environment which allows organizations to successfully implement Lean as well as the overall daily performance of any operation or function.

WPO / 5-S (Simplify - Straighten - Scrub - Stabilize - Sustain) impacts safety, efficient utilization of time, ability to respond quickly to changes and reduction of defects.

An example of utilizing WPO/5S is organizing the layout of the operating suite to improve the efficiency of the staff and provide high quality care to patients. It can help operating room turnover, scheduling, and staffing levels. WPO/5S is a basic discipline utilized in all aspects of waste reduction and positively affects the overall work environment for each employee.

This workshop is intended to assist you in understanding the process necessary to ensure a clean, orderly, safe and productive work environment while also providing you with the necessary tools for successful implementation. You will also gain an understanding of the key elements needed to standardize your practices so that you can achieve sustainable results.

The methodology behind Workplace Organization and 5S apply to all facets of your organization. This skill set can be learned and utilized within every level of your organization.

Error Proofing Workshop

Error Proofing is one of the Lean tools that will improve quality, reduce the reliance on inspection and assist you in your journey of continuous improvement. This course will provide you with an understanding of error proofing and the various levels which can be utilized within any process or function to foresee, detect, or prevent defects.

We will assist you in understanding what type of error proofing is appropriate for a situation and provide you with insight on how to begin the journey of designing quality into your product or service to eliminate the waste associated with detection and inspection.

The methodology behind Error Proofing will apply across all sectors of an organization.

Any employee engaged in the identification of waste and determining ways to eliminate waste, especially from a quality point of view, will find value in this course. Moreover, individuals who have a direct impact on process or product design, improving current processes or functions, or any individual trying to improve overall quality or customer satisfaction will find this course beneficial.

Kaizen Event Workshop

The Kaizen event is intended to implement key improvement activities determined through the application of problem solving techniques and utilization of Lean tools in a team environment. We will assist your organization in the identification of waste, the creation of an improvement plan, the implementation of those actions and the establishment of key measurables to monitor impact. The Kaizen event will provide you with the implementation process for the continuous improvement journey.

Value Stream Mapping Workshop

A value stream includes all elements necessary to deliver a process or product from pre-creation to post-delivery to the customer. The purpose of this course is to teach the techniques utilized in Value Stream Mapping to determine and monitor key events along the value stream with the intent to eliminate non-value added activities. Value Stream Mapping will drive continuous improvement throughout the entire value stream through the engagement of those who either impact or are impacted by the process. We will provide you the necessary skills and understanding to complete a Value Stream Map of the current process. We will also teach the tools to help determine the desired future value stream along with guidelines on the creation of an implementation plan to achieve the desired result.

The methodology behind Value Stream Mapping will apply across all sectors of any organization. In healthcare, for example, mapping the movement of blood samples from the point of entry into the laboratory to the final result being delivered can identify non-value added steps in the process. By creating a more efficient process, the laboratory turn-around-time for results can be reduced. Any employee engaged in defining current value streams or assisting in continuous improvement at any level of the organization can utilize Value Stream Mapping to achieve a positive impact on waste reduction. Individuals who have a direct impact on process, material, or information flow will find great value in utilizing this process.

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