Strategic Enabler

 For the past two decades, “Quality” has been about quality on the production floor, reducing defects, improving customer delivery and service while trying to be cost competitive. In sum, it has really been about reacting, “fire fighting” and managing costs. But the companies who mange Quality in the future must be looking to leverage the four Strategic Enabler Pillars within the entire value stream.

The demands from every manufacturing and service sector today are about implementing robust systems that result in zero defects.  This will require all levels of an organization to be engaged, total dedication to continuous improvement, perfection at the point of product realization, accurate and reliable data collection systems and a new wave of  quality and systems thinking.


3P Partners will teach you how to link our four Strategic Enabler Pillars for improvement as an integrated strategic advantage: why personal leadership provided by top management is critical to starting any change management process or improvement activity; that sponsorship is necessary throughout the organization, for employees to feel motivated to participate in the change and the environment is conducive to people working together. 3P Partners provides training, development, skill enhancement of the key Strategic Enabler Pillars and identifies the culture characteristics required for change.

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